Celebrities Outraged, Saddened Over Shooting Death Of ..

By on April 10, 2015

Scott appeared to be unarmed and was fleeing from Slager, who shot at Scott eight times. Slager was charged with murder. Celebrities took to Twitter to share their outrage and sadness over the event. Ch-ch-check out their…

Dashcam Video Shows Officer Pulling Over Walter Scott Moments …


A dashcam video released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Agency on Thursday shows the moments before 50-year-old Walter Scott…


The video shows Slager pulling over Scotts car and asking a series of questions before Scott opens his car door and runs away.

Slager initially pulled Scott over for a broken taillight on his Mercedes sedan. In the footage, Slager approaches the driver-side window and asks Scott to provide his license and additional paperwork. Scott complies and hands over his license, but he then says that he does not have registration or insurance information for the vehicle because he is in the process of buying the car.

After a brief exchange, Slager is seen walking back to his car with Scotts license while Scott and a passenger wait. When Slager returns to the police car, Scott attempts to exit the vehicle before he is ordered back inside.

The dash cam footage does not capture where he goes, but it includes audio of Slager yelling after him.

The passenger remains in the vehicle as Slager alerts the dispatcher and calls for backup.

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Celebrities Outraged, Saddened Over Shooting Death Of …

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