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Hangover Cures


A bacon and egg roll from the takeaway shop followed by a swim in a cool pool and fill up on water thru the day. Bacon and eggs gives you a protein hit, bread soaks up the left overs and the swim cools and energizes, water rehydrates.. Its a great one for NY's Day hangover. Cheers, Brenda.

Increased sugar intake prevents hangovers, so party up on those sweet pastries or keep a glass of cordial next to the bed

Party on
Don't go to sleep after you stop drinking, because this slows down your bodies metabolism and the body doesn't process the alcohol as quickly

Water Water Water
Flush it through, but don't drink coffee it makes you worse

Drink about 2-3 big glasses of water before going to sleep, pumps the oxygen round the body and you feel a whole lot better in the morning (or whenever you wake up).

Drink Gin
Drink clear alcohol because coloured alcohol has a substance called cogeners and this is what makes a hangover far worse. This tends to be present in larger quantities in dark alcohol and the darker the more of it, so drink Gin

The Bucket
Bucket next to the bed and the phone off the hook

Coke in the morning
Cause it looks better coming up

Barmans cure
2 panadol (headache tablets) a glass of water and bed

Got a favourite hangover cure you would like to add to this list. Contact Us and let us know.


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