Richard Tjiong on Trustee Misconduct

By on April 22, 2015

Richard Tjiong was involved with some bold but necessary steps…. (see excerpt below)

Retirement in 2001. Health issues and family interests forced Richard into retirement. He became embroiled in a family feud which became the subject of several Supreme Court trials- see “A Family Feud and the Australian Legal System” at and “Trustee Misconduct Will Not be Tolerated by Australian Courts” at As defendant, he was grossly underrepresented in the court trial.

The 1976 Trust was litigated in Chang v Tjiong & Ors [2009] NSWSC 122, where George’s sister Chang sought the return of the trust money to its rightfully beneficiary- their mother. Chang acted in her representative capacity at a time when her mother was 98 years old. The defendant was George’s deceased estate with Richard acting as the executor.

The Chang trial was heard by Judge Palmer in March 2004 and followed three months later by the hearing in the Katrina Case. After a two-day hearing of Chang v Tjiong & Ors in March, the Judge found that a trust had [indeed] been set up by George’s father in 1976, that George held the trust property as trustee and that George subsequently breached his duty as trustee by keeping the trust funds as his own property.

The judgment is reproduced in full from court record in Part II of this article.

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Richard Tjiong
Richard Tjiong
Richard Tjiong